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DAYLIGHT AGAIN (Extended cut)

The extended theatrical cut of Daylight Again is the version that was shown in December 2021 at the original premiere of the film. It features an additional 15 minutes of footage (versus the final cut), including an entirely alternate opening and a totally different structure.

The film was shot over ten days in July and August 2021 on a production budget of approximately CAD$14,000. Runtime: 81 minutes | Format: 2K 1.85 1998x1080 (4K master available upon request)

Official selection at the 2022 Pinewood Studios Lift-Off Film Festival.

Copyright © Postromo Pictures™.

Read three different drafts of the screenplay below.

Screen Shot 2021-11-21 at 8.56.28 PM.png
DAYLIGHT AGAIN Extended Edition

DAYLIGHT AGAIN Extended Edition

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Below are three distinct drafts of the Daylight Again screenplay available for download. These three drafts were selected as samples because they showcase the distinct changes the story went through during the writing process, from the trajectory of the whole plot to the characters involved. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Cullen McFater

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