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Please review our terms of service

  1. A contract outlining these terms must be signed by all parties prior to the start of a project.

  2. As raw files/footage are not representative of Postromo Pictures’ (hereby represented by the employed signatories) work, it is not our policy to offer any raw footage to clients or third parties.

  3. For new clients (less than three previous jobs), we respectfully request a 50% up front payment. If you are ever unhappy with the work we’re doing, we’ll always do our best to rectify the issue and work with you to complete the project to your liking.

  4. In certain circumstances (ex. cancellation of shows, weather prevents job from being completed, or other scenarios outside of your power) a partial refund can be offered, given that a fee has already been paid.

  5. Full refunds (of the 50% up front fee) will only be offered in the event that no work has been started on the project. In the event that a cancellation occurs after work has begun and no up front fee has been paid, a charge of $40/hour per Postromo Pictures employee will be invoiced.

  6. Final payment is expected at most 30 days beyond the date of invoice. Beyond 30 days will result in a 3% daily compounding interest rate added onto the full fee, invoiced separately (which will also be subject to the 3% daily compounding late fee beyond 30 days).

  7. Jobs that require travel over long distances (exceeding 50km) may be charged a travel fee for gas or transit costs in some circumstances. The decision will be made based on the cost of travel to the employees of Postromo Pictures.

  8. As the equipment we use is extremely expensive, we take every precaution we can to prevent any damage to our cameras, lights, microphones etc. Equipment damaged at the fault of a third party will result in an additional charge to the client, invoiced separately. We do however take responsibility for any Postromo Pictures-owned equipment damaged as a result of our own actions.

  9. The client has the right to view the completed project and provide feedback/notes on changes up until the file has been exported and sent for DVD printing, following client approval.

  10. As editing/re-editing is usually included in our initial rates (excepted packages will specify this), substantial re-edits (10+ hours of additional work) may be subject to a surplus editing charge of $40/hour beyond the included 10 additional hours (including rendering time). It is very rare that re-edits exceed 10 hours.

  11. It is not our policy to work with any third party videographers hired separately by the client, not limited to utilizing third party footage in our work or editing third party footage. With some exception, a third party videographer who’s work meets the standards of Postromo Pictures may be accepted in certain circumstances decided upon by Postromo Pictures.

  12. Postromo Pictures is not responsible for, and will not refund any unsold DVD’s, however we will work with the client to ensure that the amount of DVD’s ordered is appropriate.

  13. All footage, images and audio (with exception to previously copyrighted works within footage/audio such as music or theatre shows) is the copyrighted property of Postromo Pictures. Re-distribution, duplication, and/or use in other works without written permission is in violation of this contract and copyright law. The only included exception to this is the sale of the provided DVD’s by the client.

Thank you for choosing us!

The Postromo Pictures Team

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