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PostromoEm 65 v2: The Yedlin Update

The first major update for the PostromoEm65 process is here - while it looks similar, v2 comes after a serious overhaul of the way luminance interacts with saturation, as well as a rebuilding of the entire node structure. At first glance it may appear as though the image is desaturated, however that’s not quite the case - the depth of colour has actually increased, as has the contrast.

You can think of it as an “HDR update” - by altering the luminance (and the way that the colours are displayed at difference levels), the new version is able to retain the same detail in the shadows, but remove some of the more annoying artifacts from the previous version, such as the exploding greens and certain hues of red which would take on a garish, digital appearance, which were a major fault beforehand.

Additionally, this new version preserves all the detail of the highlights, and as mentioned increases the depth of certain colours to bring the process even closer to real film.

As always, it can be downloaded for free here, and a video on the new update can be viewed via this link:

Image samples (old process on top, new version below):


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